TZMO Group - company overview

TZMO SA is a manufacturer of medical devices, hygienic and incontinence products, cosmetics and household care detergents. The company was established in 1951 as an enterprise producing medical dressing materials. Today TZMO Group consists of 55 companies located in 18 countries, however whole company’s business, including cooperation with partners/distributors, means presence on over 80 markets and 6 continents reaching 1/3 population of the globe.

Thanks to our long lasting experience and state of the art production technologies we supply products of the highest class.

Huge portfolio of our products means more than 5,000 products under such brands as:

- wide range of medical devices from simple products (gauze & nonwoven products, plasters, tapes, bandages, medical clothing & drapes) to advance wounds healing dressings, hospital sets, implants etc.

- wide range of incontinence products from light to heavy inco including adult diapers, pull-ups, urological pads, bed underpads, cosmetics etc.

- complete range of femcare products including: feminine pads, panty liners, tampons, intimate hygiene products, as well as cotton products, (e.g. cotton pads, cotton buds, cotton wool) and paper products, with additional offer for mums i.e. breast pads, underpads etc.

Bella Baby Happy
bella baby happy
- baby care products including diapers, wet wipes, cosmetics, etc.

No 1
bella No 1
- wide range of practical and modern hygienic paper products for the whole family. The products are made of delicate tissue and segregated wasted paper.
- Bella No1 product range includes soft, delicate handkerchiefs, paper napkins in 6 colors, absorbent paper towels and Karo toilet paper

- CitoNet is a brand of sterlization services provided by the CitoNet Service Centres, directed to the medical facilities - hospitals, clinics and medical practices as well as to beauty salons

Eva Natura Kanion
eva, kanion
- cosmetics for women and men (face, body and hair care)

Dr Max
dr max

- household care detergents

- Wide range of medical implants, advanced wound dressing materials, rehabilitation equipment and ancillary instruments for the surgery

We are aware that as rapidly growing global company we are able to do much more for society thus we consistently develop our activities within Corporate Social Responsibility.

Natural consequence of such activities was establishment of TZMO Foundation "Together we change the world".

We took direction for education.

We carry a variety of both local and international educational initiatives directed to professionals and to those who would like to learn how to take care for their loved ones. We actively participate in developing the area of long term care. Since 1998 we have been coorganizing International Long Term Care Conference which is a platform for cooperation of leaders and creators of long term care worldwide.

We support  international cultural events such as International Film Festival Tofifest and Bella Skyway Festival - International Festival of Lights.

We promote an active lifestyle which is one of basic elements of TZMO Group's strategy within CSR.

Since 23 years we have been a main organizer of International Women's Tennis Tournaments BELLA Cup. Among many social activities supported by TZMO SA is International Football League for the Disabled  adressed to the intellectually disabled patients in care centers.

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