Toruń is one of the oldest cities in Poland with the population of over 200 000 people. The city has its origins in mid-13th century. The medieval Old Town of Toruń is a great example of the magnificent achievements of Gothic architecture and it has been preserved until present times. In 1997, the Old Town was added to the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. Toruń is also consider as one of the  Seven Wonders of Poland. Besides the numerous historical and cultural sites, the city is a significant academic centre. The local university is named after the most famous inhabitant of Toruń, Nicolaus Copernicus a Renaissance astronomer. Obviously every visitors to Toruń should not forget to taste local gingerbread, which is known all over the world.

Torun is also recognized as a cradle of long-term care. It was here that the first conference on this subject was held in Poland in 1998. Since then, the event annually gathers more than 1,000 professionals from different countries wishing to share their experience and work together to improve the quality of care for people in need.

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