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Specialist in the fields of economics, social policy and gerontology. Director of the Institute of Social Economy at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), head of the Department of Social Gerontology in the Institute of Work and Social Affairs.
His research interests include social policy, social gerontology and the organisation and funding of long-term care. In addition to leading the most comprehensive research project concerning the situation of the elderly in Poland (‘PolSenior’), he managed the research project commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Information Technology Development ‘Long-term care and social care benefits for the elderly: evaluation and capabilities to meet the needs’. Vice-Chairman of the Polish Gerontological Association, member of the Committee for the Study of Work and Social Policy at the Polish Academy of Sciences, author of numerous scientific studies on the subject. Member of the Commission of Experts for Elderly People at the office of the Polish Ombudsman (RPO).
He lectured as a visiting professor at the universities in Mainz, Duisburg, Cologne, Leipzig and Dalian (China).
Fabio Bonetta works today as CEO of a public body that offers services for elderly people. He owns a degree in law and has been working for 30 years in the field of services for people, the elderly as well people with disabilities (specifically, with visual impairment). He cooperates with various bodies in the fields of social services, health services and long-term care services. He published different articles concerning welfare themes as well as the organization of the long-term care services. In the last period, he is also working with great success to connect the culture themes with the long-term care services.
Public and scientific activities: National: since 1997 founding member and Chairperson (2003-2014) of the Czech Alzheimer Society, since 2005 member of the Government Committee on Ageing. 2007–2011 President and since 2011 vice-president of the Czech Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics. The main convener and supervisor of the Prague Days of Gerontology (since 1996). Member of the Scientific committee of the Hradec Geriatric Conference (since 2002). International: since 2008 Board member of Alzheimer Europe since 2010 Vice-president of Alzheimer Europe. Since 2008 president of the International Longevity Centre Czech Republic member of the ILC Global Alliance. Since 2012 board member of the international scientific network INTERDEM (Psychosocial interventions in dementia). Member of the LOC WONCA World Conference 2014, EAPC European Conference 2014. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Alzheimer Europe conference 2014.
Jiří Horecký started his work career as director of Caritas Tabor, later he worked as care home director in the same city. Nowadays he works as the president of the Union of Employers´ associations in the Czech Rep. and at the same time as the president of the Association of Social Care Providers in the Czech Rep. He is a member of the Governmental Council for Seniors, the Governmental Council for Addict Policy and a member of the Governmental Council for Public Administration. He is also the advisor of the minister of labor and social affairs. On the European level, he is a member of the Executive Board of the European Association EAHSA and in 2016 he was elected president of the E.D.E. - European Association for Directors and Providers of Long-Term Care Services for the Elderly. Jiri Horecky has a bachelor degree in Business administration, two masters degrees in Public administration and a PhD in Economics.
Anna Jörger is scientific collaborator. She works at the Department for the Ageing in CURAVIVA – Organisation of Swiss Care Homes and Social Institutions.
Artur Kasprowicz has a PhD in Business/Managerial Economics. He has been experienced and successful in different types of business environment. He conducts a variety of projects and structures of knowledge concerning quality management, human resource management, networking and the commercialization of products and services. He has also completed some projects related to the quality of human resources in commercial and non-profit organizations. His academic and research experience include job satisfaction in commercial organizations, business intelligence and the analysis of human resources in commercial organizations. He is the owner and CEO of Servitour Consulting, co-owner of Child’s Health and Development Centre in Bydgoszcz, and founder of the “Papillon” Foundation (providing assistance to children with autism spectrum disorders).
Michael Kirschner is a scientific collaborator. He works at the Department for the Ageing in CURAVIVA – the Organisation of Swiss Care Homes and Social
Thomas Klie, PhD, lawyer, professor for gerontology at the University of Klagenfurt (Austria) and the Protestant University for Applied Science in Freiburg (Germany). His main topics in the research work in the Institute for Social Research Freiburg (AGP) are demographic and social changes in the modern society, elder abuse and social planning for the elderly on the municipality level. Since 2013 Chairman of the second Engagement Report Commission of the Federal Government on behalf of the Federal Ministry of family, senior citizens, women and youth.
President EAHSA Board of Directors. After studying Economy at the University of Amsterdam, Aad Koster was employed at the Netherlands Institute for Working Conditions (now a division of TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research). From 1990 till 1994, he worked as policy advisor Economics and finance at the former Dutch Care Federation and was associated, among other things, with collective bargaining. Later he joined the National Association for Home Care (the predecessor of Z-org), where he held the position of head Employer’s Affairs, later becoming an assistant director, moving on to become a director with Z-org. Koster was CEO of ActiZ, organization of entrepreneurs in care from 2008 until 2015. Koster held also the position of town councilor between 1993-2002. During this period he replaced the alderman for Care and Welfare for almost 18 months. He has also been administrator for several sporting organizations.
From January 2016 Koster has several activities as an entrepreneur, advisor and member of Supervisory Boards of care-organizations. He is also president of the European Association of Homes and Services for the Aging.
Since 2006, Matěj Lejsal is the Director of Domov Sue Ryder, z.u., a non-governmental organization taking care of social and health services for seniors. His primary role is strategic leadership in the organization, service development, innovation and major donors and ex-pat donors fundraising. At the same time, he has been lecturer at the Charles University (Management of health and social care department), where he teaches subjects as Economy, Economy of social and health services, System of social and health care, and/or Human Resources Management. Moreover, since 2012 he has been a member of The Government Council for Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organizations which makes him a person being very good aware of the non-profit sector in general. Last but not least, he is involved in various working groups at Ministry of social affairs and local government levels.
Studied Social Work and Gerontology and graduated with PhD
Training in marketing (profit and non-profit sector)

His professional ambition and goal: to bring the world of gerontology and the world of marketing into contact with each other.

In 2015 Markus Leser was celebrating 30 years of professional involvement in the field of gerontology. During this time he has worked in a variety of roles: providing advice to elderly people and their families, as a lecturer at an institute of continuing education and training in gerontology and marketing, as marketing manager for a leading company in Switzerland which creates retirement homes and brings them to market. Within this company he was responsible for the marketing of these homes.

Today he heads the Old Age Department of CURAVIVA Schweiz – an association of homes and institutions (www.curaviva.ch). The Old Age Department is the research and development centre for the sector of elderly and nursing institutions in Switzerland. Its focus is on the exploration of new and innovative initiatives and concepts for the sector as well as political representation to national policy-makers.

He is member of the Board of administration of the nursing home Viktoria in Berne (www.az-viktoria.ch), member of the Board of the Global Ageing Network and member of the Executive Board of EDE
Hubert Perfler is President of Istituto Regionale Rittmeyer per i Ciechi. He is President of Friuli Venezia Giulia Branch and of the National Committee of Italian Blind Union, where he began to work at the beginning of his career. At present, he is President of Goethe-Zentrum in Triest.
Responsible for the nursing homes and day-care-centers at the Geriatrische Gesundheitszentren der Stadt Graz (GGZ). We operate 4 nursing homes with 406 inhabitants and 2 daycare centers (one specialized in people with dementia)
(RN, MHSc) City of Tampere, Elderly Care Services, Finland
Marjo-Riitta works in a leadership position in elder care. In addition to her work, she coordinates the development of wellbeing software for the elderly. Previously, she has worked as a project manager for wellbeing services, as ward manager in a surgical ward, and as a researcher in the University of Tampere.
Tampere University of Applied Sciences School of Health Care. Ms. Sirpa Salin, PhD, has worked as the principal lecturer (Education and R&D) of gerontological nursing at Tampere University of Applied Sciences since 2011. Her job involves teaching nursing students at various levels, developing nursing courses and planning and executing co-operative projects with hospitals and health centers. Before her current job she spent four years as a lecturer at the University of Tampere and two years as a project manager at the Tampere University Hospital. From 1999 to 2005 she worked as the director of a private nursing home. In 2008 she completed her doctoral thesis on short-time respite care for the elderly. Her post-doctoral research has been on the participation of the elderly in special nursing and nursing administration. She has published more than ten scientific papers and dozens of other publications. She has spoken at scientific conferences on three continents about her research findings. She also reviews manuscripts for Finnish and international scientific journals.
Medical University of Warsaw, Faculty of Health Sciences
Home Health Care Ltd, Director
Polish Nursing Association, President
Grażyna Wójcik has a broad experience in development of nursing and health care services at the national and regional level. In her career she was the Director of nursing services in one of the National Institutes, the Chief Nursing Officer in the Polish Ministry of Health, and head of post-graduate nursing education in Warsaw Medical School. She is also a well-recognized expert on nursing at the European level (WHO, EFN). Since 2004, she is the owner and the manager of Home Health Care Ltd, which provides home care services in four regions of Poland.
Director AD-PA, Project Manager Citoyennage, Psycholog and Ethnolog
Daniel Molinuevo works as research officer in the Social Policies unit at Eurofound since 2010. His research on health and social care has focused on the quality and accessibility of services, working conditions of staff and the differences between public and private service delivery. He is currently involved in several research projects analysing digitalisation, leading the work on the impact of digitalisation on health and social services. He studied sociology in Salamanca, Spain and at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He has an MA in European Political and Administrative Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges and an MSc in European Social Policy from the London School of Economics, where he also worked as a researcher.
Professor Colm Cunningham is Director of the Dementia Centre, HammondCare. Colm leads an Australian and International team of over 200 staff involved in research, education and consultancy. The Dementia Centre lead the national dementia behaviour response services, Dementia Support Australia, with the aim of reconsidering what it means to have a ‘behaviour of concern’.
Peter Hennessy, Director, Jeta Global, has forty years’ experience in the health and aged care industries. Throughout his long career, Peter has embraced the challenges presented by industry and social change.
Studying contemporary planning issues in Australia and overseas, Peter is well equipped to provide uncompromising industry service. Academically he has tertiary qualifications in health administration, demographic analysis, social research, accounting and management.
Complementing his Jeta activities Peter holds several local and international Directorships on Corporate Boards and Statutory authorities. In recognition of his contribution to the health and aged care industries, Peter received an Adjunct appointment in the Centre for Population and Environmental Health Griffith University, Brisbane Australia.
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