Conferences in any business are more than a forum of thought and knowledge sharing or learning about the trends. We understand the importance of good relations in business and aim to create the best possible opportunities for networking. We have prepared the following accompanying events during the conference in the hope you will join the fun.
27th September 2017 The gala evening – a black tie event
This is a seated banquet, at round tables.
After Opening speeches we shall enjoy the colorful Polish chamber orchestra called Philharmonic of Wit in a spectacle that combines virtuoso music and comedy in its own unique style. It is a fresh and original show that captivates the hearts and minds of present-day audience. The essence of the show, however, is the humour interwoven with individual musical sketches creating surprising associations and conclusions delivered in standup comedy and cabaret style. 19 of Poland’s top musicians and 2 opera singers supported by a virtuoso pianist – Waldemar Malicki - and ‘dancing’ conductor, deliver classical compositions many given a contemporary flavour thanks to a modern rhythm section and an unusual merger with jazz and pop music.
For more information about Philharmonic of Wit, please visit
The banquet takes place in CT Park at Szosa Bydgoska 3 (3 km from Conference Centre „Jordanki”). There will be buses waiting in front of Jordanki Conference Centre to take the guests there right after the inauguration ceremony.

28th September 2017 Coming together party
The second night of the conference is when we let off the steam a little and put on the dancing shoes. The outdoor coming together party will start at 7:30PM and last into the night. We hope for good weather, but just in case please bring something warm and comfortable to wear. Once again we will meet at CT Park at Szosa Bydgoska 3. Free transportation will be provided from the designated places in Toruń.

29th September 2017 at 2:00 PM -
Sightseeing of Toruń
After the conference, on the last day, we invite all participants to take part in a sightseeing tour of Toruń and explore all beautiful places in the city. It will take approximately 2 hours and will be carried out in groups. In the registration form you can sign up for the sightseeing tour.

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