The Polish Society of Long-Term Care is an organization of directors of long-term facilities from the area of Poland

The Main goals are:
to act to support the creation of laws favourable for the development of long-term care,
to express opinions on issues related to long-term care,
to devise and initiate health policy programs concerning long-term care,
to develop and evaluate drafts of long-term care standards, and to popularize the European standards in this area.
to cooperate with the institutions working for the disabled, for long-term care and for social assistance,
to initiate international cooperation in respect to long-term care,
to conduct training and educational activities,
to create an atmosphere favourable for the development of long-term care in Poland.

In recent years, we have participated in the development of care standards in long-term nursing realizing benefits for the chronically ill and dependent. We have cooperated with the Ministry of Health in the valuation of benefits.

We organize conferences and trainings for medical staff and informal carers.

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